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Hello Bodhi Tree Friends!
Well it’s finally starting to warm up a little in SA! We keep dipping our toes back into winter. The gardens (and vines) have loved the extra rainfall this year, but there is also a longing to catch the waves at the beach and enjoy summer BBQ’s with family & friends. Ah, summer!

November expo
We’re at the Whole Life Expo, Fri Nov 25 – Sun Nov 27 at the Wayville showgrounds. We’d love to see you, so please drop in, say hello and try/buy our divine wine! We’re stand D6, turn right at the Entry doors, on your way to the stage area. Great music and happenings are planned for the expo (we’ll have some great offers too), so check out their website (http://www.wholelifeexpo.com.au) & see you there!

Evolution & websites
These days, many of us wear more than one hat. Gone are the times when people had a job for life. Instead we venture out, explore, follow our passions and create the life that supports and connects them all. My own life, as a farmer, grape-grower, teacher, kinesiologist and meditation teacher may at first, to some, seem unconnected, but in fact, they all interweave and support each other. For underneath all of these roles, is my mission, my reason for being, which is helping others to connect, to make meaning and with that grow their lives. It’s about connecting into nature, into joy, into community, into self and our own wisdom. It is when we are in that beautiful state of joyful flow, that we tap into something far greater and begin to start creating extraordinary lives, living our greater potential. I love to learn and I love to share knowledge. I love to write. We are currently working on merging my websites to create a more evolved and helpful experience to offer you, bringing more of my passions together, so I’d love to have you with me if you’d like to share that journey.

If you’re interested in doing something positive and beautiful for yourself in the meantime, I have 2 workshops ready for you to jump into –

  • Vision For Life, which includes a workshop here at our cellar door in McLaren Vale Jan 15 – https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/vision-for-life-tickets-28828938130?aff=es2
  • & Vision For Life Online, which you can join in online from anywhere in the world – https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/vision-for-life-online-tickets-29364393692?aff=eac2

Please take a look and if either calls to you, book in and let’s begin!

Vineyard happenings
As mentioned before, with the huge rainfall SA has had this year, the vines are growing beautifully, however the weeds have enjoyed it too! You’ll know I support practises that are kinder on the environment, and as such use organic options, even though they can be 3 times the price. In my view, it’s worth it. The sheep had done a pretty good job of weed management in winter, but when the vines begin their new season of growth, the sheep are taken out of the vineyard (or they’ll nibble the new buds and leaves). So, when I noticed the weeds, I was on my hands and knees, weeding the vineyard by hand. After 4 days and some unhappy knees, I realised it was time to call in some help. A couple of young, fit & friendly backpackers were enlisted, however after I discovered they worked at only half the speed I did, it was time for another option to be explored. Speaking to some other farmers, who share similar landcare philosophies, the decision was made to “plough them in” (the weeds, not the backpackers), so in comes the tractor, to turn the soil and I returned to hand pick a few weeds that remained. This practice will need to be repeated for a few years still, however, it sits peacefully into our keep-things-as-close-to-nature-as-possible philosophy. The key awareness being to remain open to all possibilities, yet to remain true to the core principle – something which we can probably apply to any areas of our lives.

Looking forward to connecting with you Nov 25-27 at the expo, or maybe sooner if you’re joining the workshops!

Fiona & the team

at Bodhi Tree Wines


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