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Hello Friends!

It’s been awhile. December was our last open and our first open of 2016 is coming up…

this Sunday 11-5.

We’d love to see you here. We’re having some amaaaaaazing surprise specials (the best yet), on our single bottles and especially on our cases, so it’s a brilliant time to stock up with great wine!

If you enjoy meditation, why not join us on that day at 10.30am, just before we open, as part of a worldwide synchronised meditation to “Bless the Water”. The event is free, all we require is your positive energy and good intent, oh and maybe bring a comfy cushion to sit on too. Please indicate if you will be joining us for the meditation, either through the event on Facebook, or just text me directly. We’ll conclude the meditation by 11am, ready to continue your day – no doubt much more relaxed 😉

February saw us bottling our 2014 Shiraz. It has been patiently maturing for 2 years and now it will sit a few more months in the bottle, as wines are generally left to do, adjusting to their new environment. Which means, we have our beautiful 2013’s all waiting for new homes, before the new kids on the block come on the scene. Come and adopt some on Sunday.

This growing season we had a few big rains (I know, that does sound very farmeresque, but that’s how it is) – late January and again, early February. This year, harvest date was March 8. Like most of McLaren Vale, this year we enjoyed a bumper crop. It may even make up for the 2015 low yield, experienced by all. Ah, farming. Thanks again to our wonderful helpers / Earth Angels on harvest day and in the lead-up. You can check some photos on our Facebook page. I’ll post the harvest “energy report” from it below, for our friends who aren’t on Facebook. If you are on Facebook and haven’t joined us there, please do. You’ll keep up to date with last-minute happenings and there’ll be some other competitions there also.

March 10, 2016 Facebook post – In addition to making a delicious wine for you to share & enjoy, our intention is to capture the beneficial energy present, via the Earth & the heavenly/celestial influences, through the growing season and most particularly at harvest, when the grapes are at their fullest. These grapes are then transformed into our wine, so that you may take that in, at anytime of your choosing. Bottled energy :-). This is Vintage 2016. As mentioned in yesterday’s post (March 9), you will have available to you, on tap as it were, the energies of healing, expansion, good fortune, abundance, and creating new opportunities for a more evolved, connected and purposeful way of living. I, for one, will enjoy a drop of that anytime!

Oh and already this year we’ve also managed to squeeze in a charity fundraiser/ladies pampering afternoon, visioning your life workshop and a mandala/yoga/meditation workshop.  Beautiful things are happening.


Looking forward to connecting with you Sunday,

Fiona & the team

at Bodhi Tree Wines





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