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Harvest – I love this time of year. There is a buzz and a hum around McLaren Vale as tractors and harvesters slowly trundle around the roads on their way to the next crop of grapes waiting to be harvested. Nature has done an amazing job growing the grapes, assisted here and there by people, their  knowledge and passion. We grapegrowers (vignerons) observe, feel and taste our grapes and also check with refractometers to see how ready they are. The increasing interest shown by the birds also tell us the perfect time is getting close. We then use the art of science to “do an analysis” on some random bunches we pick, letting us know the exact baume readings (sugar concentration), before a decision is made. Then, it’s harvest time!


With the hot weather we’ve had in McLaren Vale, harvest is earlier this year and for us only a week or so away. It’s an exciting time. The time and work we have put in, from fixing posts and improving soil health, to pruning, to picking the grapes, with so many other activities in between. That cycle of nature brings everything to completion. Farming is such an honest, down to earth occupation. You are connected strongly to nature and respond to her demands and changes.


Walking through the vineyard, with hat and boots, and with the dogs at my side, a part of me somehow feels entwined with the vines growing up from the earth. For a Gemini girl with lots of ideas, inspiration and lofty Mercurial energy, working in the vineyard, on the land helps me ground and connect. I feel close to my grandparents who worked their large farm. I feel close to my ancestors before them. I feel I am in my element.


Bottling – Our 2013 vintage has been sitting in barrel even longer than our 2012 and is about to be bottled in the next week or two. Look out for a new bottle and a label design change to fit it! We are still keeping with our wonderful, lightweight, recycled Lean & Green bottle. It’s more expensive for us to purchase than regular bottles, but we love the environmentally-friendly principles behind it. We’re just moving to a different shaped bottle with the same capacity. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the changes when you see them! Please leave a message on our website (via the blog comments) or facebook page and we’ll pick a random winner to send out a brand new bottle to thank you for your feedback. Keep an eye out on the website, and facebook page, in the next few months as we begin to launch our 2013 Bodhi Tree Shiraz.


Come and see us this weekend – We are at the beautiful Enlighten Adelaide Festival, Feb 14-15. It is at the Adelaide Convention Centre, Riverbank Rooms 10-5pm both days. Tickets are $15 online or $12 at the door, but please check the Enlighten Adelaide Festival website or facebook page. We would love to see you. We’ll have our award-winning 2012 shiraz there for purchase at our special expo price – and likely a competition or too also. Of course, being Valentine’s Day what perfect timing to buy a bottle of our love-filled wine, complete with red heart on the front label! Buy it for that special someone to share, a gift for a good friend or even to enjoy yourself!

Happy Valentine’s Day <3

Fiona and the team

at Bodhi Tree Wines


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