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Earth lines, Energy lines, Ley lines, Dragon lines, Songlines…. they are known by many names and worked with by many cultures, but what are they and how can they influence the land, the people and the produce on it?


We’ve just had an exciting workshop about Earth Energies with visiting teacher Will Baker from NSW. These lines are channels of energy that cross the planet. Much like the meridians that run through our body and carry energy (also known as chi, qi, prana, life force) to distribute through our system, these earth lines carry energy through for the planet.

Ancient cultures have situated crops according to these line positions in order to maximise yield. Homes and temples too have often been planned taking the energy lines into consideration. They have even built structures such as we see with some of the monoliths in the UK to harmonise, direct or amplify this energy.

Why is it useful in our modern-day society then to know where these lines are located, or where they intersect?  Energy lines may cause sleep disturbance or unease if they happen to cross in your sleeping area, for example. If that is the case, a geomancer, or a feng shui consultant who works in dowsing for geopathic stress may be an avenue to explore, or perhaps have a go and try it yourself.


Energy lines also have positive aspects. Do you have a herb or vegetable garden? What if you could position it according to the ideal location energetically? What if you could place something on the nearest line to further harmonise or activate the energy that runs through the soil below it and potentially produce a higher yield or perhaps a higher vibratory or health aspect – kind of like organics but with even more hootzpah! We have done exactly this to further enhance our wine at Bodhi Tree. All this may be possible for you, if you know where to look.

… more about how we went about finding them (and what we discovered) to follow in a later post….

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