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Last open for 2015 – Dec 5/6 weekend Christmas gifts & celebrations Prizes & special deals – whoohoo!

We can hardly believe we’re all beginning to wind up 2015 and prepare for Christmas and holidays! We have one more Cellar Door open for this year. Enjoy a glass of our divine shiraz to toast the almost-end of a big and busy year. Relax, take a breath, congratulate yourself for making it through 2015 and set the mood (and the intention) for a relaxing Dec/Jan. We’d love to have you come and visit us here: Sat Dec 5 from 11am-5pm   &   Sun Dec 6 from 11am-5pm Read More

Grand opening! Invitation this Sunday Oct 25 Growing season


What an amazing opening weekend we had in September! Thank you to our Bodhi Tree Wines members who joined us to celebrate the opening of our cellar door and to all our members who couldn’t join us but who sent their well-wishes, we appreciate it.

Congratulations again to two of our members who won amazing prizes. Bronny Lee who won our Read More

It’s June. The cooler days are here and so are the sheep, helping keep the grass and the weeds down, as well as providing some more great company! We’ve also had some new girls that have moved into the henhouse (“girls” being chooks, in case anyone has a confusing visual going on)! Read More